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The Artifex Forge – Illustrative Design Resources

Illustrative Design Tools & Creative Kits


Here you’ll find a selection of authentic textures and intricate, detailed patterns, often paired with other tools to create larger kits, these are a useful addition to your design arsenal. Nearly every Artifex Forge pattern and texture is seamless, meaning you can flood any sized area with ease and save yourself time and effort in the process. Like all Artifex Forge products, every pack comes equipped with a complete instruction manual and helpful support is available.

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  • Stained Glass Creator

  • The Vintage Nautical Map Maker – Photoshop

  • Vintage Engraved Patterns – Photoshop

  • The Comprehensive Paper Craft Collection

  • The Complete Linocut Tool Kit

  • Craft Studio – Paper Textures & More

  • Discerning Designer’s Pattern Pack

  • Stippled & Seamless – Patterns

  • Geometric Marquetry Patterns

  • Roman Mosaic Repeat Patterns