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Adobe Illustrator Brushes & Procreate Brushes – Artifex Forge

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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY – You will need Affinity Designer to use this product. An Illustrator version of the pack is available HERE

I developed this pack after taking a trip down memory lane sorting through old school and art college sketchbooks, where I re-discovered a love for the fine-liner. I used to spend more hours than I probably should have making patterns, shapes and doodles.

This authentic and versatile tool kit includes a huge range of different pen marks – straight and rough outlines, dots and dashes, stippling, hatching, zigzags and more. I’ve also included a selection of fine liner texture patterns – use these to fill areas quickly.

Not used Affinity brushes before? Check out my handy tutorials HERE

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

  • The Fine Liner Brushes

6 Stipple Brushes.
7 Dot and dash pattern brushes.
4 Scribble and zigzag pattern brushes.
1 Outline pattern brush – use it for medium and long strokes.
12 Short outline art brushes.
5 Star and cross pattern brushes.
8 Star and cross scatter brushes.
3 Parallel line brushes.
4 Hatched line brushes.
3 Tapered line brushes.

For use in Designer/Vector Persona.

  • The Fine Liner Raster Brushes

3 Raster Stipple brushes. For use with the Pixel Persona.

  • The Fine liner Texture Patterns

In ten varieties. Use these to fill large areas quickly. Supplied as one-click Affinity Designer styles.

  • A Quick Reference Guide

This will help you quickly find the right brushes for the task in hand.

  • Instructions

A very thorough guide on how to load, apply and then adjust the brushes is supplied.

This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read about it HERE

4 reviews for Affinity Designer Fine Liner Brushes & Pattern Tool Kit

  1. a

    Fine Liner – Affinity Brushes is a great set of brushes that I use constantly. Artifex Forge makes quality products for Affinity with great instructions for use.

    • artifexforge

      I’m really pleased you use the pack so much, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and for picking up the pack!

  2. Lisa

    I have used these brushes on several projects now, and they are super fab! I love them. I know I will use them often going forward, they may easily become my favourite set of brushes!

    • artifexforge

      That’s great to hear Lisa! Thanks for picking them up.


    These brushes are AMAZING! I use them all the time! thank you!

    • artifexforge

      I’m so pleased to hear that Joanie – thanks for your support!

  4. Noah Gibbs

    I picked up these and the Vintage brushes in a pack awhile back and I use them often. It’s a fantastic way to do a quick sketch and make it look nicer and more professional. I’ve just started with the Chunky Marker pack as well, and it’s doing well for me.

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Affinity Brushes- Fine Liner Brush Package For Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer Fine Liner Brushes & Pattern Tool Kit


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