The Linocut Lovers Companion – Affinity


At last! A comprehensive linocut tool kit for Affinity Designer!


Software compatibility – you will need Affinity Designer to use this product. A Procreate compatible version of the pack is available HERE

Love the linocut look but don’t have the equipment or space to do it justice in reality? This comprehensive tool kit contains everything you need to have a go virtually! It gives you a range of options from intricate brushes to fast and effective patterns and edges so you can create super-convincing digital linocut illustrations and designs.

The pack contains elements generated using real ink and linocut textures to ensure your artwork looks authentic every time. We got messy so you don’t have to! Grab the pack and start creating realistic looking linocuts today!

Here’s everything featured in this all-inclusive toolkit:

Linocut Brushes:

Create a huge range of realistic looking marks including; undulating lines, arrows, tapers, rounded, square and slanted ends and more – this pack has everything! For use in the Designer Persona.

Seamless Patterns Styles

Use these as a handy shortcut and fill large areas quickly and easily. The designs offer a huge variety and include a solid ink texture.

Printed Ink Edge Stamp Brushes

Add an extra level of realism to your design with these border brushes. Sourced from real inked edges. For use in the Pixel Persona

8 Ink Background Textures:

High resolution, authentic ink textures. These are the perfect base for your design. The sizes of these vary but most are around 5000 x 3500 px. Supplied in Tiff format.

A Quick Reference File

Use this PDF guide to navigate the pack contents quickly and easily.

An Example File:

The bug image – learn how I created the composition by backwards engineering it.


A very thorough guide on how to use the pack is included. This includes a section on how to create a design from start to finish.

This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read about it HERE

Please note: This product is compatible with Affinity Designer only.


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