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The Comprehensive Paper Craft Collection – Procreate Craft Paper Textures & Shapes

Introducing the Comprehensive Paper Craft Collection, your one-stop shop for creating stunning mixed-media digital designs!

Paper Craft was created exclusively with Design Cuts and can only be purchased HERE

Introducing the Comprehensive Paper Craft Collection for Procreate, your one-stop shop for creating stunning mixed-media digital designs! It’s never been easier to add a gorgeous hand-made touch to your projects, with our paper Procreate textures, hand-cut shapes and other digital collage elements. Your clients and friends will love the charming hand-crafted look that this pack will bring to your regular work.

Discover literally hundreds of elements to provide you with endless hours of fun!

This pack is perfect for:

This pack is perfect for:

  • Creating charming wedding invites, birthday cards and more!
  • Quickly and easily adding seamless paper textures to your work
  • Creating super fun collage scenes (10 pre-made, editable scenes are already included!)
  • Adding those all important hand-made looking details to your projects
  • Incorporating some fun and whimsy into your print, web and video projects
  • Providing you with a go-to library of awesomeness for any artistic job
  • Anything you want to create. The possibilities really are endless!

Here’s how to use the pack in three easy steps:

  1. Create your basic design using the huge variety of shape stamp brushes that are included.
  2. Transform the shapes with the authentic paper textures.
  3. Complete your design with realistic torn edges or folds using the brushes.

Here’s everything that’s included in this comprehensive toolkit:

Over 300 Individually Hand-cut Custom Shapes:
Each shape was carefully hand-cut, scanned and refined. Simply combine the shapes to build your own creations or use the themed ones to make scenes quickly and effortlessly – why not play around with the mix and match people, construct a city-scape, decorate with bunting, add festive flair with snowflakes or freshen your design with flowers? Supplied as stamp brushes.

250+ One-click Collage Textures:
Transform your shapes with these realistic textures. This set includes classic paper and card textures alongside more unusual ones such as glitter card, floral papers, corrugated card, metallic card and loads more. See the preview images for the full range. Supplied in 10 color varieties (or more). A selection of fold overlay pattern textures is also included. Supplied as 5000 x 4000 px PNGs.

The Collage Textures supplied as Brushes:
These have been supplied as an alternative to the PNG textures. Each brush contains a seamless texture, enabling you to fill large areas quickly and easily.

8 Torn Edge Brushes:
Give your paper designs the authentic DIY treatment with these true-to-life brushes. All brushes retain the authentic texture from the real torn paper source material.

10 Fold Brushes:
This set of stamp Brushes is perfect for adding that final bit of authentic texture and depth to your designs. Both inner and outer folds are included.

11 ready Made Scenes:
These are the scenes shown in the preview images. Insert your own elements quickly and easily. The sizes are as follows:

  • Cityscape – 2000 x 2000px
  • Robot – 1500 x 1500px
  • Fox – 2000 x 2000px
  • Cowgirl – 2107 x 2159px
  • Mountains – 2000 x 1701px
  • Pirate – 2320 x 1544px
  • Space Rocket – 2500 x 1919px
  • Wedding Cake – 1851 x 2202px
  • Whale – 2376 x 2329px
  • Floral Wreath – 1500 1500 px
  • Underwater – 2000 x 1334 px

A quick reference guide:
Navigate through this extensive tool kit using this handy PDF.

A very thorough guide on how to load, and use, each element is supplied. Please read carefully all the way through as it provides top tips and essential information allowing you to get the very best out of the product.

Software compatibility: This product is compatible with Procreate only. Get the Affinity version HERE and Photoshop version HERE

Looking for the best way to learn Procreate? Check out my selection of the best Procreate tutorials HERE!


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Paper collage creator for Procreate
The Comprehensive Paper Craft Collection – Procreate Craft Paper Textures & Shapes

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