The Illustrator Ink Well | Brushes

Introducing the most comprehensive ink brush library available for illustrator!

I frequently get requests for more versatile, realistic and innovative ink brushes and so I created The Illustrator Inkwell – an incredibly authentic vector brush tool kit!

The pack boasts ink outline and wash brushes which work in harmony to help you create digital art that looks just like the real thing. These include wash shaders, splats, dry ink, dashes, zigzags, blob outlines and more – ensuring you have everything you need to create perfect inky art!

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Mid-Century Mixed Media Collection


Create your own authentic looking mid-century artwork with my massively versatile brush kit!

Mid-Century artwork is instantly recognizable by it’s simple, undulating inky outlines, angular, irregular shapes, impossible perspective and naturalistic textures. It’s these characteristics that I’ve captured in this diverse Illustrator brush pack – it really shouts mid-century down to the last detail!

So, whether you want to create simple cartoon outline illustrations or rich, deeply textured children’s book artwork, this pack has the right tool for the job. It includes loads of classic and unusual ink outlines, pencil doodles, halftone and pastel shaders. I’ve also included a halftone repeat pattern for filling areas quickly with authentic print texture.

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The Master Engraver – Brushes


Level up to master engraver with the most thoroughly thought out vintage brush set available for Illustrator!

In 2014 I created the very first engraving set available for illustrator and it was a big success. With this new volume, my aim was to improve on the authentic look that made the first pack so popular and, more importantly, enhance the functionality, making this the most user-friendly, engraved, vector brush set available!

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The Wilderness Sketchbook – Scene Creator

Create your own hand-stippled outdoor scenes in minutes!

A collection of intricately drawn fine liner illustrations which were created to work in harmony, and together build detailed outdoor scenes. There are over 100 elements included and so, the possibilities are endless!

The pack includes characters, animals, trees, mountains, clouds, hot air balloons, tents, frames and much more!

It’s perfect for creating striking packaging designs, gift cards, event invites, stationery, tee-shirts and other apparel, logos and much, much more – just imagine what you could make?!

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Outstanding Oil Paint Brushes


Game-changing vector oil paint brushes that look just like the real thing!

This authentic looking artist’s tool kit is the result of hours of experimentation, discovering the diverse textures that can be made using oil paint. I’ve used brushes, palette knives, cloths, scraps of cardboard and even my own fingers. The resulting brushes are the closet you’ll get to real oils in Illustrator.

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Roman Mosaic Repeat Patterns


Add vintage charm and style to your designs with my seamless Roman mosaic patterns!

I’m proud to present a set of decorative, repeat patterns created from genuine 1600 year old Roman mosaic tiles! They’re perfect for adding a vintage yet contemporary look to any project. The pack contains 16 patterns and these include a mixture of Roman influenced and modern designs.

The patterns are compatible with both Illustrator (CS1-CC) and Photoshop (CS5 – CC) and have been crafted with a wide range of projects in mind – they’re perfect for branding, packaging, greetings cards, stationary, textiles, apparel, wrapping paper and a whole lot more!

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Single Weight Line Art Lab


Master the contemporary art style that’s featuring on top design blogs with this colossal resource pack!

Single weight line art (AKA Monoline) is a design trend that uses lines of one thickness to build stunning, geometric, patterned artwork. This beautifully balanced style is paradoxically simple and complex at the same time as it uses detailed patterns in large areas as if they were blocks of color and tone. Getting the balance right can be a tough challenge and this is where the Line Art Lab comes in:

I spent countless hours developing the brushes and patterns together so that they work in harmony, I’ve ensured that the range of resources is diverse and expansive so, you’ll always find the right tool for creating art in this decorative and intricate style, and the patterns have been graded into three tonal groups so you can use them to add depth to designs quickly and easily.

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Mosaic Maker – Brushes & Patterns

Introducing a set of mosaic tile brushes 1600+ years in the making!

After a recent trip to Sicily, where I saw some stunning ancient Roman mosaics, it occurred to me that there was no tool which allowed Adobe Illustrator users to draw their own mosaic designs. On my return I therefore set about making this set of authentic tile brushes and patterns.

In this pack I’ve captured the irregular, chipped edges of the original Roman source material (c. 4th century AD) allowing you to create stunning designs and illustrations with a sense of antiquity. However, the pack isn’t just for adding a vintage look – as you’ll see from the screen-shots you can use them to bring a unique twist to contemporary designs too.

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The Hand-drawn Pencil Type Tool Kit


Give your type a decorative make-over with these instant hand-lettering effects!

Use this handy tool kit to transform your type into scribbly, loose, hand-drawn type in an instant! The effects, patterns and brushes included in the pack were made from genuine pencil-drawn material giving you authentic looking scribbled edges and fills and making text look genuinely hand-made.

So, what are you waiting for – add a flourish to your food branding; scribbles to your stationary; emphasis to your favourite inspirational quotation; and make your greetings cards grab all the attention!

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Poster Press – Screen-Print Creator


Turn your designs and illustrations into beautifully imperfect screen-prints in an instant!

Whilst recently browsing for screen-prints to decorate the Artifex Forge office it occurred to me that there was no way to quickly, and easily, create subtle grungy screen-print textures and frame edges in Illustrator. So, I created Poster Press – the easiest way to make your very own authentic looking prints!

The pack contains authentic looking, messy ink textures and frame brushes, which were all made from real printed ink. These have been packaged into one-click graphic styles so you can transform your designs and illustrations in seconds.

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