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Adobe Illustrator Brushes & Procreate Brushes – Artifex Forge

Illustrative Design Tools & Creative Kits

Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge



In Latin, Artifex means ‘an artist, builder or maker of things’ or ‘ingenious and artistic’, which together with the idea of a forge as a workshop really sums up what I want to do – to create practical, useful and beautiful design and illustration tools (and ‘art effects’)!

My name is Jeremy Child and I launched the Artifex Forge in 2014 but I had been developing an online presence in my spare time since 2012 while working as a senior designer in the novelty children’s book industry.  This gave me great experience of concept development and the practical use of the Adobe suite, which means that you can be sure of functional and original products designed for the busy designer or illustrator!  In 2014, my wife began a three-year research project investigating Fairtrade wine, which involved a lot of overseas travelling and so was the perfect opportunity to go freelance fulltime.  I can work anywhere in the world, which has also proved useful in giving me new ideas and source material!  I love the challenge of taking a traditional medium and turning it into a versatile digital product, and really enjoy creating tools to help speed up and improve people’s designs.