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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge


Watch our video collection of digital illustration tutorials at Artifex Forge! Follow along with Jeremy Child as he teaches you tips and tricks for creating illustrations using some of The Artifex Forge’s most popular digital illustration tools in Adobe Illustrator. Our digital art tutorials for beginners and professionals alike are great for learning how to use techniques, patterns, layer styles, brushes, and much more. Unleash your imagination and learn how to make digital illustrations today!

How to Load Adobe Illustrator Brushes
How to Use Adobe Illustrator Brushes
Reverse the Direction of Adobe Illustrator Brushes
Create Authentic Looking Screen Prints using Illustrator Patterns and Brushes
Learn how to use Vintage Engraving Brushes in Adobe Illustrator
Use Illustrator Brushes & Patterns to Create Blueprint Designs in Adobe Illustrator
See how to use Vintage Engraving Patterns in Adobe Illustrator
Learn How to Create Vintage Pirate Maps with Adobe Illustrator Brushes & Patterns
See how to use Mosaic Patterns & Brushes to Create Mosaic Designs in Adobe Illustrator
Use Zen Fineliner Illustrator Brushes to Create a Zentangle Style Mandala Design
Use Mosaic Patterns & Brushes to Create a Skull Design in Adobe Illustrator
See how to Create Streaky Paint using Illustrator Paint Brushes