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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge


View Affinity Designer tutorial videos at Artifex Forge! Jeremy Child has created this series of Affinity Designer videos to teach tips and tricks for using digital illustration tools to start creating illustrations. Our training videos are perfect for beginners and professionals alike! Learn how to use Affinity Designer brushes, layer styles, patterns, and techniques you need to know how to use to make digital masterpieces today.

How to Load Affinity Designer Brushes
How to use Affinity Designer Brushes
Add Texture to Vectors & Type in Affinity Designer
Add a Width Profile to Affinity Designer Brushes
See how to use Mosaic Patterns & Brushes to Create Mosaic Designs in Affinity Designer
Make Comic Book Designs using Affinity Designer Textures & Affinity Designer Vector Brushes
Create an Isometric Castle with Tattoo Art Affinity Designer Brushes
Make a Fabric Patch Badge in Affinity Designer with Affinity Brushes & Textures
How to Create a Stained Glass Design using Affinity Designer Brushes & Textures
Learn How to Make a Monoline Space Map with Affinity Designer Brushes & Patterns
Learn How to Create an Authentic Looking Enamel Pin Badge using Affinity Designer Textures
How to use Affinity Edge Essentials – Affinity Designer Brushes