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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge


There are two different Artifex Forge Licenses – ‘The Tools License‘, which covers installable items such as brushes, patterns, layer styles and symbols and, ‘The Graphics License‘ which covers items such as Illustrations and graphics. Please note: the ‘Graphics Licence’ can be found on page two of this article.

In products which feature a mixture of tools and graphics the ‘Tools License’ covers the tools aspect and the ‘Graphics License’ covers the graphics part. If you are unsure which license covers a product then please get in touch – support@artifexforge.com


The Tools License covers all installable items such as brushes, patterns, layer styles and symbols.

If you purchase a product covered by the ‘Tools License’ then you may:

  • Use the product in an unlimited number of personal projects.
  • Use the product in an unlimited number of commercial projects for sale for either yourself or a client.
  • The license allows usage for one person only. You may purchase additional licenses to cover more seats.

The Tools License Prohibits:

  • Sub-licensing, selling, giving away or re-distribution of the product in any capacity.
  • Supplying files to an end user or client, where the original file is included or extractable.
  • Use of the resources in projects for a company whose annual revenue is in excess of $25 million USD per annum.


Please review the terms as set out below before buying products from The Artifex Forge Shop.

The following license terms may be updated from time to time.

By purchasing a digital product from The Artifex Forge Limited you agree to adhere to all conditions set out in the following document. This license exists between ‘you’ as the end user and ‘The Artifex Forge Limited’ in perpetuity.

The Artifex Forge Limited is the creator and full copyright holder of all resources sold on Artifex Forge.com except where open source (public domain) material has been used to create the product. Resources are protected by United Kingdom and other international copyright laws and treaties. All rights are reserved by The Artifex Forge Limited.

Buying an Artifex Forge product grants you non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide rights to use the product in the following capacity: To create digital or physical end products for sale for yourself or a client. Or, to create personal products for yourself. To create digital or physical end products for sale for yourself or a client. Or, to create personal products for yourself. This includes social media posts, film, TV, animation, E-books and online publications.

If sold, the designs you create must differ significantly from the original source file and not derive its primary value from the resource used to create it. For example, you may not use a set of Artifex Forge Brushes to create another set of brushes but you may use it to create an illustration, logo or pattern as long as it demonstrates time, effort and skill.

Users (or Seats)

For each license purchased one user (or seat) is allowed and the user may install the product on up to three of their own computers. The license prohibits sub-licensing, selling, giving away or re-distributing the product in any capacity. You may not store purchased products on shared drives where they may be taken and used by un-licensed users and you agree to take reasonable steps to prevent third parties from acquiring purchased products.

Exceptions to License Terms

If you plan to use an Artifex Forge product in a project for a company whose annual turnover is in excess of $25 million USD, then you will need to purchase an extended licence. Please contact support@artifexforge for more information.

Example Files

Where example artwork is provided as part of a product this is done in order to demonstrate the how a product works. Therefore all example files supplied are for personal use only. All commercial use is prohibited unless otherwise discussed. If you wish to use any of the example files for commercial use please send an enquiry to support@artifexforge.com.

Sending Files To Onward Users

Designs generated using Artifex Forge products must be distributed in such a manner where the original product file cannot be extracted by any third party or end user. If your client requires the original source files, they must purchase their own license.

If you make end products for sale for POD (Print on Demand) websites, you must flatten/expand your design so any Artifex Forge resources cannot be extracted by third parties.


The Artifex Forge will make every effort to update add-ons so they work well with future versions of the software with which they are compatible, but cannot guarantee this will happen in every instance or give a timescale as to these updates.

Copyright Free and Public Domain Source Material

Sometimes, The Artifex Forge uses vintage images, which have fallen into the public domain, as the source material for elements of it’s products. These are often acquired via a third party and every attempt has been made to ensure there are no existing copyrights and that buyers are legally allowed to use these designs. In the extremely unlikely event of a copyright dispute related to material purchased from The Artifex Forge, you agree not to hold The Artifex Forge Limited responsible for any legal matters which may arise.


While every effort is made to ensure that the all Artifex Forge products are of the highest quality, occasionally a situation will arise where a product will malfunction (often at the fault of the program in which they are installed). The Artifex Forge will make every attempt to resolve such issues and get the product working for you. Under no circumstances will The Artifex Forge Limited be held liable to you or any third party for any special, consequential or incidental damages including lost profits, savings or business interruption as a result of the product being defective.

Breaches of License Terms

By purchasing a product from The Artifex Forge you acknowledge you have read and understand the terms of the above license. Any breach of these terms will result in the right to use the product being revoked. In this instance no refund will be granted.

Need help or More information?

If you have any queries about the license or anything else then please email support@artifexforge.com and I will do my best help.