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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

The Artifex Forge is very excited to release this massive set of naturalistic, watercolor, vector brushes for Affinity Designer. This versatile pack features a huge range of authentically textured strokes which were sampled from real watercolor for maximum authenticity.

I’ll let you into a secret – I am a terrible watercolorist! I like being in control of every brush stroke and watercolor painting relies on the unpredictability of the paint washes which create the beautiful yet random textures we know and love. That’s why I created this authentic brush set – to give you complete control over real watercolor textures.

I spent countless hours creating and then processing a huge range of brush strokes to ensure the pack captures the character and charm of the real thing. But it doesn’t just look great it also features a set of time-saving anti-stretch brushes – these repeat a pattern tile along the stroke seamlessly, making them the perfect time-saver as you can draw a range of stroke lengths without switching brushes.

Grab the pack now and take digital watercoloring to the next level!

Not used Affinity brushes before? Check out my handy tutorials page HERE

Get the watercolor paper used in the screenshots FREE (plus loads of other authentic artist’s canvases) HERE!

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

The realistically textured Watercolor Vector Brushes:

  • 13 Anti-stretch brushes.
  • 11 Rounded Brushes.
  • 7 Swipe Brushes.
  • 8 Streaky Brushes.
  • 3 Miscellaneous Brushes.
  • 14 Diffused Brushes.
  • 3 Short Diffused Brushes.
  • 3 Large Brushes.
  • 9 Regular Brushes.
  • 6 Large Flat brushes.

A quick reference guide

This will help you find the right brushes for the task in hand quickly.

Example file

One of the preview images. Use this to see how I achieved the look.


A very thorough guide on how to load, apply and then adjust the brushes is supplied.

A note on Affinity Vector Brushes.

Affinity vector brushes are made using bitmap material and are named ‘vector’ because they run along the length of a vector stroke and can therefore be re-colored and reposed as needed.

Please note! This product is compatible with Affinity Designer only.

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