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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

I’ve lost track of how many times customers have asked for a quick hack which lets them create zigzag, rough, organic and other edge styles in Affinity Designer. This is something other design software offers but Affinity sadly lacks. With this new and highly useful Affinity Brush pack, The Artifex Forge is here to add that all-important functionality and solve your design woes – the Affinity Designer vector brushes featured give the user a huge variety of line style options, which can be added to vector shapes quickly and easily. So you’ll no longer spend ages searching the internet for workarounds which often turn out to be laborious, time consuming and ultimately disappointing.

You’ll find yourself reaching for these essential Affinity Designer Brushes time and time again – it’s not just a tool kit in it’s own right but it’s also ideal to use in conjunction with other brushes, patterns and effects – grab them now and give your Affinity tool kit an upgrade!

See the pack in action in my helpful tutorial video:

The font used in the tutorial is free for personal use. Get it HERE. Download the FREE color swatches featured, HERE (the swatches are available for personal or professional use. Please don’t re-distribute in any way).

This useful tool kit contains the following elements:

The Affinity Designer Vector Brushes

  • 5 Zigzag Edge Brushes
  • 5 Zigzag Irregular Edge Brushes
  • 8 Undulated Edge Brushes
  • 6 Petal Edge Brushes
  • 5 Organic/Rough Edge Brushes
  • 5 Undulated Type 2 Edge Brushes
  • 4 Jagged Edge Brushes
  • 3 Cog Tooth Edge Brushes
  • 1 Wave Edge Brush

All brushes are for use in the Vector/Draw Persona.

A Quick Reference Guide:

Navigate your way through the brush set easily using this handy PDF.

A Comprehensive Instruction Manual:

A very thorough guide on how to use the brushes is supplied.

This product is compatible with Affinity Designer only.

This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read about it HERE

Find out more about Affinity Designer HERE 

1 review for Affinity Edge Essentials – Affinity Designer Vector Brushes

  1. Rebecca Barton (verified owner)

    Brilliant! Another fantastically useful set of brushes from The Artifex Forge. I have just purchased them and tried them all out straight away! This brush set works really well and is so easy to use. Just as the description says, this set will add a wide variety of edging in seconds to your lines, drawings, shapes. Thank you Artifex Forge!

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Affinity Designer Brushes with varied Edge Styles
Affinity Edge Essentials – Affinity Designer Vector Brushes


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