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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY – You will need Affinity Designer to use this product. An Illustrator version of the pack is available HERE

What is single weight line illustration?

Single weight line art (AKA Monoline) is a design trend that uses lines of one thickness to build stunning, geometric, patterned artwork. This beautifully balanced style is paradoxically simple and complex at the same time as it uses detailed patterns in large areas as if they were blocks of color and tone. Getting the balance right can be a tough challenge and this is where the Line Art Lab comes in:

I spent countless hours developing the brushes and patterns together so that they work in harmony, I’ve ensured that the range of resources is diverse and expansive so, you’ll always find the right tool for creating art in this decorative and intricate style.

Save yourself hours with this handy design shortcut and start drawing single weight line art today!

See how I created the star map illustration in this TUTORIAL VIDEO or learn other Affinity tips and tricks on my TUTORIALS PAGE

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

  • The Brushes

This huge and diverse selection features over 100 brushes. These range from outlines, floral, banners, arrows, waves, zigzags, chains, borders and beyond. I’ve included brushes for both open and closed curves along with a few corner brushes to make up for the lack of a corner tile feature in Affinity Designer.

  • The Patterns

100 decorative patterns are included. You’ll find geometric, linear, stars, waves, herringbone, scales, chevrons and many more.

  • A quick reference PDF guide

This will help you quickly find the right brushes and patterns for the task in hand.

  • Example file

The star map image. Use this to see how I achieved the look.

  • Instructions

A very thorough guide on how to load, apply and then adjust the brushes and patterns is supplied.

This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read about it HERE

Please note: Some of the example images were generated using the Illustrator version of the product. The overall effect varies very subtly from program to program. For more information on specifics please contact support@artifexforge.com.

This product is compatible with Affinity Designer.

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Yoseph Urso — verified owner

Great product! I’ve used these styles and brushes in many projects.

Rebecca Barton

I shouldn’t have bought this really but it looked such fun so I did! I was not disappointed! These line designs are such fun! I love them! Thank you so much!!!

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Line art illustration cover featuring line weight art. Made with Affinity Designer vector brushes
Single Line Weight Art Lab – Affinity Designer


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Line art illustration cover featuring line weight art. Made with Affinity Designer vector brushes

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