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SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY – Fairy Light Brushes works with Adobe Illustrator only. Get the Affinity Designer version version HERE

Create dazzling designs with my astonishingly authentic fairy light brushes for Adobe Illustrator. They were sourced from genuine lights and use an innovative layered vector brush system to combine two types of brushes to great effect. Perfect for seasonal and celebratory projects!

So how does a layered brush work?

I’ve used a graphic style to combine wire and bulb brushes. You can apply the style to a vector shape or line instantly – there’s no complex system. New to graphic styles? – I’ve included extensive usage documentation (This feature is available for Adobe Illustrator CS5 – CC only).

Alternatively and for more flexibility, the two types of brushes can be used separately – this second method provides the opportunity to further customize your designs by individually rotating and placing each bulb for maximum realism (This feature is available for Adobe Illustrator CS1-CC). You can even create mixed color combos.

The bulbs come in twelve colors but I’ve included instructions explaining how to adjust them to create your own varieties.

Check out the VIDEO TUTORIAL to see just how easy these are to use

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

  • The Adobe Illustrator Brushes

12 Bulb Scatter Brushes and a Wire Pattern Brush. These are both vector brushes.

If you are a tablet user, you’ll be pleased to know that a version of the brushes with pressure sensitivity enabled is included. (Please note that this feature works in Adobe Illustrator CS5+).

  • The Illustrator Graphic Styles

The one click layered brush system in twelve colors.

Please note: the graphic styles are compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS5, CS6 and CC only.

  • A quick reference guide

This will help you find the right brushes for the task in hand quickly.

  • Example files

A number of the preview images. All brushes are live so you can easily backwards engineer the file.

Please note: the example files and guide are compatible with Affinity Illustrator CS5 through CC only.

  • Instructions

A very thorough guide on how to load, apply and then adjust the Illustrator brushes is supplied.

This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read about it HERE

Please note! This product is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS1 to CC only (except where otherwise stated above). See the Affinity Designer version version HERE

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Fairy Light Adobe Illustrator Brushes


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