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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

Software compatibility: This product works with Illustrator only. Find an Affinity version HERE

Once again, the Artifex Forge has been on an urban adventure – exploring the bright lights of the city in order to bring you better design resources! This time I’ve been searching for the best neon tubes to bring this super-realistic set of brushes to life.

If, like me, you find the majority of existing neon effects limiting, lifeless and a little unrealistic then this is the perfect set for you. Most are entirely computer generated and therefore lack the lifelike qualities and quirks of genuine neon tubing. With these brushes, you can really give your design the wow-factor. So, why are they so much better?

  • True-to-life: they are sourced from real neon tubing, so no flat, lifeless vector effects.
  • Multiple highlight options: this recognizes that when you have a group of neon tubes together, they illuminate each other, creating more highlights.
  • Flexibility: being brushes, they are malleable giving you more scope to create the images you want.
  • Fun: you’re drawing with neon tubing… what more can I say?

Check out the TUTORIAL VIDEO to see just how easy these are to use

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

  • The Brushes

28 flexible neon tube brushes.

If you are a tablet user, you’ll be pleased to know that a version of the brushes with pressure sensitivity enabled is included.

  • A quick reference guide

This will help you find the right brushes for the task in hand quickly.

  • Example files

Images 1,2,3,4 and 5 from the preview. Use these to see how I achieved the look. I’ve also included the screw and wire details that you see in the preview – use these as the finishing touch!

  • Instructions

A very thorough guide on how to load, apply and then adjust the brushes is supplied.

This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read about it HERE

Please note! This product is compatible with Illustrator CS5 to CC only.

1 review for Neon Glow Effect Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

  1. Ignacio Gomis (verified owner)

    This is, for me, the funniest Artifex Forge set. I grew up fascinated by neon light signs and advertisements, so when I saw this set it took me less than three seconds to fetch my credit card and buy it. Very realistic results, wide range of possibilities, and, again, lots of fun. Great idea, Jeremy!

    • artifexforge

      Thanks Ignacio – that’s great that it links in with your childhood fascination!

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Neon Glow Effect Brushes for Adobe Illustrator


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