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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

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My Scribble & Scrawl Brushes are ideal for primitive art illustrations, naive childish drawings, scribbly text or just for adding an extra bit of texture to a design! They’re are massively versatile and almost everything you see in the preview images was made using them. The pack is compatible with Illustrator and Affinity Designer.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 13 Standard Scribble Brushes.
  • 3 Long Standard Scribble Brushes.
  • 18 Squared Scribble Brushes.
  • 10 Really Messy Scribble Brushes.
  • A Quick Reference File – Find the right brush for the job in hand fast.
  • Demo file – showing the brushes in action (Illustrator CS5 – CC only).
  • Instructions.

To use the brushes, simply select a brush from the tab and draw with the brush tool. The color and width can be adjusted as required.

This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read about it HERE

Compatible with Illustrator CS1+ and Affinity Designer only.

5 reviews for FREE Scribble & Scrawl Brushes

  1. jelli (verified owner)

    These have been very useful in giving my vector graphics look more organic and hand-drawn. Thank you!

    • artifexforge (verified owner)

      I’m glad the brushes help with your vector graphics Jelli!

  2. Luis

    These are amazing brushes! They give a very unique stroke in a number of variations. At times it reminds me of a Tim Burton style however with the right adjustments it can take on a number of other animation styles as well.

    Great set for any illustrators to have!

    • artifexforge (verified owner)

      Thanks so much Luis! I’d love to see how you animated the strokes.

  3. Jeanne (verified owner)

    A great set for adding a hand-drawn touch to illustrations! They’ll really bring your vector drawings to life.

    • artifexforge (verified owner)

      Thanks so much Jeanne!

  4. sandra.mara.soranso

    como eu faço para baixar os pinceis?

    • artifexforge (verified owner)

      Por favor, inscreva-se na lista de discussão do artifex forge para obter os brindes. Você pode encontrar o link nesta página do produto. Obrigado!

  5. monster monster


    • artifexforge (verified owner)

      It’s a pleasure! I hope you enjoy the freebies.

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FREE Scribble & Scrawl Brushes