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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

Software compatibility – This product works with Illustrator only. An Affinity Designer version of the pack is available HERE

Fabric patch badges have become an iconic design element in their own right, often adorning bags, satchels and jackets and are associated with adventure, wilderness and youth. Now, with the help of The Artifex Forge, you can create convincing digital versions with ease.

This one-stop-shop contains all the tools you need. Featuring, textures and embroidered, edge brushes sourced from real patches which retain their texture and ensure your designs will look just like the real thing. Also included is a selection of vector badge shapes – the perfect starting point to your design.

Grab the pack and start making your own authentic looking fabric patch designs today!

This useful tool kit contains the following elements:

One-click Graphic Styles:

Turn vector shapes and type into authentic looking cloth in an instant! The styles feature seamless textures, sampled from real patch badges, plus effects. Supplied in 35 color variations. Instructions are also included, explaining how to adjust the colors. Technical info: the texture patterns featured in the styles measure 500 x 500 px. Please note: some subtle adjustments may be required after application.

Authentic Embroidered Edge Brushes:

The pattern brushes included in this pack are perfect for adding edges and borders to your designs. Supplied in two varieties.

41 Badge Shapes:

These vector shapes are the perfect base for your patch designs.

The Master Pattern Swatch Files:

A handy bonus! These are the textures used in the graphic styles, which have been included for customers who use Photoshop and want to make make advanced color adjustments.

Example File:

The ice cream design has been supplied for you to backwards engineer. Please note, this can be used for personal use only.

A Quick Reference Guide:

Navigate your way through this extensive tool kit easily using this handy PDF.

A Comprehensive Instruction Manual:

A very thorough guide on how to use each of the elements is supplied.

This product is compatible with Illustrator only.

This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read about it HERE



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The Patch Works – Fabric Badge Maker – Adobe Illustrator


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