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What is The Wilderness Scene Creator?

A collection of intricate hand drawn wilderness Illustrations which were created to work in harmony, and together build detailed outdoor scenes. There are over 100 elements included and so, the possibilities are endless!

The pack includes characters, animals, trees, mountains, clouds, hot air balloons, tents, frames and much more!

What can I use the pack for?

It’s perfect for creating striking packaging designs, gift cards, event invites, stationery, tee-shirts and other apparel, logos and much, much more – just imagine what you could make?!

How does it work?

The illustrations and textures are supplied in one easy-to-use document and each element has it’s own layer so you can easily locate, move, scale re-order or customize it as needed.

It’s so easy to use that I can explain it in three simple steps:*

1. Open the document

2. Turn on the layers that correspond with the items that you want in your scene and delete the ones you don’t need.

3. Move, scale and rearrange the illustrations to compose your scene.

It really is that easy!

The colors can be adjusted as required.

*Procreate version supplied in multiple documents. Usage slightly different – instructions included.

COMPATIBILITY: The pack works with Illustrator CS1 – CC, Photoshop CS5 – CC, Procreate and Affinity Designer Only.

Here’s a full list of everything you get in this intricately drawn scene creator:

  • 7 characters – walkers, a lumberjack and more.
  • 5 Animals – a bear, a fox, a hare and ducks.
  • 8 Clouds.
  • 11 Trees.
  • 3 Mountains.
  • 9 single-shape frames.
  • 4 multi-shape frames.
  • 7 mini-frames – perfect for logos!
  • 4 sky textures – 2 stipple fades, a stipple glow and sun rays.
  • 2 star textures.
  • 4 Weather Options – choose rain or snow.
  • Tents and Tipis.
  • 3 Sun options.
  • 4 Moon options.
  • 2 Hot air balloons.
  • A Camp Fire.
  • A Log Cabin.
  • A Log Pile.
  • A Camper Van.
  • 6 Small plants.
  • 2 river options – wavy, calm.
  • A lake.
  • A signpost.
  • 3 Foreground options.
  • Stars – in black and white.
  • Star Constellations.
  • A Rainbow.
  • A Real paper texture.
  • Plus, a set of instructions for Illustrator, Photoshop and Affinity Designer.

Technical info:

The document size is 4000 x 4000 px.

In the Illustrator version, all elements are vectors except the paper texture which is bitmap.

In the Affinity Designer, Procreate and Photoshop versions all elements are bitmaps.

By purchasing this product you agree to adhere to the Artifex Forge Graphics License. Learn more HERE


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Hand drawn Wilderness Illustrations
Wilderness Sketchbook Scene Creator


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