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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

Software compatibility: These vintage Photoshop patterns work with Photoshop only. Find an Illustrator version HERE an Affinity version HERE and a Procreate version HERE

While the Artifex Forge offers some very successful (and very useful!) vintage brush sets, even digitally drawing realistic, vintage artwork can be time-consuming and fiddly. So, why not try a new way to easily create your authentic-looking, engraved illustrations with this incredibly realistic set of seamless, repeat patterns?

This nifty short-cut is so simple to use – just layer the engraving patterns at different rotations to create hatching and build up shading. So much quicker than having to draw hundreds of cross-hatched lines!

Please note: This product is designed as a quick way to build up tone and texture and not as a one-click effect to convert photos or other images.

Start using these authentic Photoshop textures in your vintage art today!

What customers are saying about the pack

“This is a must for all graphic designers, Thank you!”

Lola Store – Designer and Creative Market Shop owner.

“I absolutely love this set… just what I needed!”

Natalie A

“These are incredibly beautiful and useful patterns. Thank you!”

Paola M

The pack contains these fantastic components:

  • The Patterns – Fifteen highly detailed repeat pattern supplied as styles. Plus a version of the patterns rotated to 90 degrees.
  • Instructions – A very thorough guide on how to load, apply and then adjust the patterns is supplied.

Please note! This product is compatible Photoshop only.

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Verified Creative Market Customer

I’m very glad with this set of patterns. Verstile in use . Good instructions. Especially about expanding the layer styles for greater customisation was very useful. Thank you so much!

Verified Creative Market Customer

I really enjoy this set of patterns. I found them very useful for making shading in architectural sketches.

Verified Creative Market Customer

Excellent product with detailed tutorial. Love it! Thanks!

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patterns cross-hatching engrave etch crosshatch engraved copperplate vintage engraver etched pen ink dip engraving pattern photoshop
Vintage Engraved Patterns for Photoshop


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patterns cross-hatching engrave etch crosshatch engraved copperplate vintage engraver etched pen ink dip engraving pattern photoshop

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