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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY – You will need Procreate 5.0 and an Apple Pencil or compatible stylus to use this product. An Illustrator version of the pack is available HERE and an Affinity Designer version of the pack is available HERE

I’ve received countless requests to convert my best-selling Fine Liner pack to Procreate and so, I’m pleased to announce that the pack is here! The original Illustrator version has sold thousands of copies and I’m super-pleased to bring this set of hand-drawn brushes to a wider audience.

The pack was originally created as the result of a nostalgic trip down memory lane, sorting through old school and art college sketchbooks, where I re-discovered a love for the fine-liner. I used to spend more hours than I probably should have making patterns, shapes and doodles.

The resulting pack is an authentic and versatile tool kit, which includes a huge range of different pen marks – straight and undulating outlines, dots and dashes, stippling, zigzags and more. Included is a set of seamless, repeat pattern brushes, which are designed to fill large areas quickly and easily.

Check out this SPEED VIDEO and see how easy the pack is to use!

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

  • The Brushes

3 Standard Stipple Brushes.
1 Light Stipple Brush – perfect for building up tone.
2 purpose-built Stipple Shader Brushes – save loads of time.
1 Undulating Ink Outline Brush – For use with Apple Pencil or equivalent stylus.
1 Tapered Ink Outline Brush – For use with Apple Pencil or equivalent stylus.
1 Asterisk Brush.
4 Cross Brushes.
2 Star Brushes.
1 Dot Brush.
3 Dash Brushes.
3 Line Brushes.
1 Zigzag Brush РBest used on straight or regularly curved lines. 

  • The Pattern Brushes

1 Scribble Pattern Brush.
2 Stipple Pattern Brushes.
4 Line Pattern Brushes.
3 Zigzag Pattern Brushes.
1 Drip Pattern Brush.

  • A Quick Reference Guide

This will help you quickly find the right brushes for the task in hand.

  • Instructions

A guide on how to load and draw with the brushes is supplied.

Please note! This product is compatible with Procreate 5.0 and above only.

Looking for the best way to learn Procreate? Check out my selection of the best Procreate tutorials HERE!

3 reviews for Procreate Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns

  1. ehshop.news

    This is an Awesome brush pack. Not only are the fine liner brushes great but there are a bunch of patterns, stipple and fun designs that I love and rely on often!

    • artifexforge

      Thanks so much, I really appreciate your support!

  2. Verified Creative Market Customer

    I bought these brushes ages ago and use them often. They are perfect for linework, plus the stipple brushes save me time (and hand cramps). The patterns are nice, too. I have bought a few different sets from this seller and they have all been excellent. They are well thought out and the guides help a lot with integrating them into my workflow.

  3. Verified Creative Market Customer

    Tapered ink outline it my absolute favorite in this brush set. It’s smooth and natural at the same time. Love it! I like to combine it with other techniques.

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Procreate Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns


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