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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

Do your remember using a Spirograph to create endless geometric guilloche designs as a child? Now you can make fractal designs inspired by the Spirograph in Affinity Designer. Our set of Spirograph brushes and retro textures gives you everything you need to create stunning geometric guilloche and Spirograph designs.

How Does the Spirograph Tool Kit Work?

Simply apply a Spirograph brush to a vector circle then duplicate, rotate, scale and recolor it to create beautiful, mesmerizing fractal designs. Then use the retro textures to age your Spirograph design or, use the retro texture patterns as a larger part of the design. The process is quick, easy and has endless possibilities and they’re much more flexible and fun than static Spirograph graphics.

Overlaying and recoloring the brushes is both meditative and addictive – start making digital Spirographs today!

GET A FREE SAMPLE NOW! Download five brushes and a tutorial HERE and create your first design. Please note, all material included in the sample is for personal use only. Please purchase the full version for a commercial license.

Not familiar with Spirograph design? Check out these videos and see this hypnotic design aid in action.

Software compatibility – This retro Spirograph pack works with the latest version of Affinity Designer. Learn more about Affinity Designer HERE. Get the Adobe Illustrator version HERE

This Spirograph design tool kit features all these useful design tools and features:

  • Single Line Spirograph Vector Brushes:
    Overlay, rotate, scale and recolor the Spirograph brushes to create stunning Spirograph designs with ease.
  • Pre-layered, Multi-line Spirograph Vector Brushes:
    These make stunning designs on their own but you can combine them with the single line brushes to great effect too.
  • Spirograph Center Piece Graphics:
    As Affinity brushes aren’t suitable for creating the center of the designs, I have supplied 100+ center piece graphics. Place them in the middle of your designs.
  • 10 Seamless Retro Texture Patterns:
    Use these Illustrator patterns to add a convincing, aged ink look to your Spirograph Designs. All repeat patterns are seamless.
  • 2 Tutorials:
    Learn how to create digital Spirographs by following my Spirograph tutorials. Please note: all screenshots feature the desktop version of Affinity Designer. If you have a working knowledge of the Ipad version you should still be able to follow along.
  • Examples:
    Backwards engineer these finished Spirograph designs.
  • A Quick Reference Guide:
    Navigate this extensive collection of vector brushes and retro patterns quickly and easily.
  • Instructions:
    A very thorough guide on how to load and use this retro design tool kit, is supplied.

Please note: some of the product screenshots were created using the Illustrator version of the pack and the look may vary subtly from application to application.

The brushes, texture patterns and tutorials in product are covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read the terms HERE.

Software compatibility – This retro brush and texture pack works with the latest version of Affinity Designer (they’re not compatible with version 1).

2 reviews for Spirograph – Brushes & Retro Textures for Affinity Designer

  1. Kathleen von Thaden (verified owner)

    Artifex Forge has done it again!!! This is a great brush set. So many options for create the spirograph you want. The instructions are easy to follow as well!

    • artifexforge

      Thanks so much Kathleen – I’m really pleased you’re enjoying using the brushes!

  2. Jim DeAngelis (verified owner)

    I purchased my first Artifex Forge brushes from the Affinity Store, and it wasn’t until I visited the Artifex Forge store that I saw how many really cool brushes Jeremy has. I had a Spirograph as a kid so this brush set was a no-brainer. It’s easy to use, and lot’s of fun. And unlike Spirograph – there’s no paper to refill, no push-pins to get jabbed with and no cheap pens that clog!

    • artifexforge

      Thanks so much for all your support Jim!

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Spirograph and guilloche brushes for Affinity Designer
Spirograph – Brushes & Retro Textures for Affinity Designer


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