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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

Now you can get your hands on 16 of Illustrator’s best and most popular brush sets for a heavily reduced price and arm yourself with a multi-purpose, comprehensive artist’s tool kit.

To buy the products individually would cost $306 so, BUY THEM HERE AND SAVE $207! (67%)

SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY – You will need Illustrator to use this product. Please check the individual products for version specifics.

This amazing value bundle includes the following useful and innovative brush packs:

Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns

Hand-made stipple and outline brushes and texture patterns.

Finest Vintage – Illustrator Brushes

Authentic hatch and cross-hatch brushes sourced from real vintage material.

Watercolor Brushes

A huge range of watercolor brushes sourced from the real thing.

Tattoo Style Art Brushes

Create authentic looking Jerry Sailor style art with these awesome ink brushes.

Multi-color, Mixed Paint Brushes

Mix multiple colors in a single brush stroke with my innovative painting system!

Outstanding Oil Paint Illustrator Brushes

Game-changing, super-realistic oil paint brushes!

Perfect Pencils – Illustrator Brushes

Graded graphite pencil brushes with super-realistic texture.

The Master Engraver – Brushes

Perfect for creating your very own vintage engraving and etched designs.

The Vector Airbrush – Shader Brushes

Add organic texture shading to designs and illustrations with ease!

Modern Woodcut Brushes

A crisp, clean, stylised version of classic woodcut brushes.

The Retro Comic Book Tool Kit

Create convincing digital comic book art using these brushes, pattern textures and more!

The Illustrator Ink Well | Brushes

The most comprehensive ink brush library available for Illustrator!

Linocut Brushes

A massive linocut brush library sourced from the real thing.

Spray Paint Illustrator Brushes

Create your own street art using these authentically sourced spray paint brushes.

Classic Chalk – Brushes + Patterns

A massive selection of real chalk made digital – with incredible texture.

Chunky Markers – Illustrator Brushes

Marker pen brushes that capture the smear and swipe of the real thing!

Check out the individual products for more details and to see examples of the kind of awesome artwork you could soon be creating using these authentic real-media tools.

What are you waiting for grab this complete artist’s tool kit today!

Not used Illustrator brushes before? Check out my tutorial video HERE

This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License. Read about it HERE

3 reviews for The Illustrator Artist’s Brush Anthology

  1. Chris

    These Illustrator brushes are fantastic! Really well made and easy to use.

  2. Jeanne

    I don’t actually own this bundle but I’m giving it 5 stars because I own most of the brushes in it, and I wish I had just bought the bundle! If you need a comprehensive, easy to use collection of brushes, you need this bundle. Thank you to Artifex Forge for the excellent products and outstanding customer service!

    • artifexforge

      Thanks again Jeanne!

  3. Lauren Williams (verified owner)

    Atifex Forge’s Illustrator Collection is the absolute bees knees of brush packs! I use these brushes in almost every illustration I do, there is so much versatility in the selections, and Artifex Forge is an absolute master in producing unbelievable Illustrator brushes. These have taken my work to the next level!!

    Thank you so much, what a champion product!!

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