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Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity and Procreate Brushes at Artifex Forge

SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY – You will need Affinity Designer to use these vintage brushes, illustrations, styles, textures and templates. An Illustrator version of the pack is available HERE

If, like me, you love the jumbled, inconsistent and iconic look of 19th century newsprint then this is the perfect pack for you. Using real antique material, I’ve put together the tools you need to create your own convincing printed ephemera.

How was the pack made?

Following weeks of extensive searching through vintage newspaper and catalogue archives, I selected the best, copyright-free images to include. Complementing these beautiful illustrations are a series of essential and original tools including:

  • Handy vector border brushes to bring that classic charm to your designs.
  • Eye-catching headline type effects.
  • Advert and newspaper templates for you to easily adapt.
  • Vintage paper textures to add instant aging.

What is the pack useful for?

This tool kit is perfect for creating packaging designs, flyers, invites, greetings cards, apparel, soft furnishings, stationary, branding and much, much more. Why not use it for a craft project, a vintage style logo or advert for your business? And, of course, the pack is perfect for creating Harry Potter style newspaper designs too!

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

230+ Genuine Vintage Illustrations

The extensive vintage image library includes:

  • Office, Stationary & Clerical
  • Medical & Pharmacy
  • Fashion & Clothes
  • Pointing Hands
  • Clocks & Watches
  • Scenes
  • Miscellaneous
  • Transport
  • Buildings
  • People
  • Animals
  • Home & Garden
  • Sewing machines, Presses & Engines
  • Industrial
  • Kitchen
  • And Products & Packaging – add your own type to create your own vintage products!

All illustrations are copyright free and were sourced from real, public domain, vintage newspapers, catalogues and adverts.

Take a look at the screen shots to see the full range.

The Advert & Newspaper Templates

31 ready-to-use adverts and two newspaper templates. Simply open them up and adjust as needed. Each file is layered and well-organised. All brushes, type effects and textures remain live and editable.

The Affinity Designer Brushes

34 border brushes, all sourced from real newsprint. They’re perfect as borders, dividers and other flourishes. Every brush is an anti-stretch Affinity vector brush.

The Instant Type Effects

Saved as one-click graphic styles, these effects are the ideal way to transform type into bold, eye-catching headline text. There are 12 to choose from. Further customise by combining multiple styles to create the illusion of 3D type. Supplied in ink textured and flat colored versions (RGB and CMYK).

The Affinity Designer Textures

  • Five vintage paper textures, supplied as 5000 x 3500 px tiffs and 3000 x 2134 px jpgs . These will make the perfect background for your designs.
  • The pack also features a seamless, repeat, printed ink pattern textures perfect for adding that extra bit of authentic detail – Supplied as a one-click style.

A quick reference PDF guide

This will help you navigate the extensive range of illustrations, Affinity brushes, textures, pattern styles and templates.


A very thorough guide on how to use the pack is supplied.

A note on the preview images – some of the preview images were generated using the Illustrator version of the pack and so the effect may vary subtly. Please get in touch for more information.

Please note: No fonts are included in this pack. You can find the fonts that I used while creating the pack here –

The Hanley Family 

The Collector’s Font Bundle 

The Humber


This product is covered by The Artifex Forge Tools License (Read about it HERE) and The Artifex Forge Graphics License (Read about it HERE).

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Verified Creative Market Customer

Love this! So much fun to use and very helpful tips.

Verified Creative Market Customer

I sure am glad I got this Vintage Newspaper kit. Other kits hype me up with big counts of their ingredients, but when I open them, I almost never get a level of clear foldering or titling like this (typically, not even close), much less the sheer variety of tools, and not to mention an instruction sheet that functions so unbelivably well that I plan to keep it as a reference for how to organbize a sheet of instructions to be used as fast and efficient as humanly possible. The styles alone could have been sold for this price, like what you see with the Shizznizzle kit, but here it is just a bonus thrown in the bag with a kit that is already this empowering. Where other kits just say “good luck” with a kick to the backside, this kit holds your hand and takes real good care of you. Thanks Artifex!

Fatsack Fails

Great resource! I got this in a bundle deal on Design Cuts and it was worth every penny. The brushes, the textures, the styles all have that professional quality you can expect from an Artifex Forge product. Everything just works so well together. I literally just starting drawing shapes and adding brushes just to see how it would look with this, AND IT LOOKED GREAT. I also really appreciated the extra resources included, like all the old timey shapes and cutouts. They’re great drag and drop resources to add an instant vintage look and it’s cool opening them up and going through the layers to see how they were built.

Marilyn Mendoza-Bojangin — verified owner

I already made several newspapers using this Vintage Newspaper Creator and not only vintage but like real looking newspaper only the headlines are my family’s birthday announcement posted in social media. My family just love me for this and expect that I will post their next birthday in this newspaper in vintage style. Many, many thanks Jeremy for this newspaper creator.

ymarkone — verified owner

A great resource for creating Vintage looking newspapers! Download some free vintage fonts and you’re all set to go!

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